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Ahoy everybody!

My name is Brendan O'Rourke, I hail from the state of Missouri in the United States, and I've been "hittin' the auld bottle" for a little over a year now, perhaps a bit of an irony since I've been a lifelong teetotaler and I've never even seen the ocean, much less a ship, in person before. I caught the bug by watching Jim Goodwin, a professional SIB modeller, demonstrate the craft one fine Sunday morning on television, and after seeing him go through the motions, I thought to myself, "I'm going to have a go doing that. How hard can it be?" and then I embarked on making a SIB of the RMS Queen Mary. Famous last words!

In short, I found out it's actually quite hard, and the end result of my first foray into making fleets in a flask was quite crude, but nonetheless I hunkered down and stuck with it, and with each one I make, I seem to get a little better each time. Although, I don't consider myself a professional by any means, I have had a modicum of success selling my SIB's online on Etsy.com, where I run an online shop selling them as well as other little knick-knacks I make, and I also like to make SIB's as special presents for friends and family. To date, I've made about a dozen ships, most of them steamships, especially ocean liners, as I'm a bit of a steam nut and the liners are my favorite kinds of ship, but I've also enjoyed making more unusual things, such as a submarine in a bottle (USS Nautilus, the first nuclear submarine, to be exact), a school bus in a bottle, a vintage fire engine in a bottle, even a small recreation of the sea battle scene from H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds".  In all this time, I've yet to actually make a traditional sailing ship, the sort of ship everybody thinks of when they think of the ship in a bottle, not for want of will, indeed I'm getting ready to have a stab at making a few to change things up a little, but mainly I've shied away from making them because there are so many out there already...

In any case, I'm delighted to have come across this forum, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Yours sincerely,

Brendan O. (AKA Shipwright1912)

Where it all began for me...(R.M.S.Queen Mary)



My All Time Favorite of all the SIB's I've made, S.S. United States (may she be saved from the scrappers!)






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