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Bottled Ship Builder

howdy from Idaho

jake sadovich

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Hi everyone,  I'm Jake Sadovich from Idaho, I've done three Ships in bottles so far, though only one should really count as 'real'.   The first one,  the 'real' one, is a small kit I picked up at a thrift store. Surprised to see that it was complete and untouched, I decided to buy it.  It was quite a fun and challenging build. (I have a second, larger, more detailed kit that I got from another thrift store that I haven't started yet)

 The second, not so 'real' one is my sarcastic ship in a bottle. A large mouth IKEA jar, it's like a fancy pants mason jar with a wire hinged glass lid, in which I placed a SEAWOLF submarine,  because I think that kind of thing is cute. 

  The third one isn't really real either, it's made completely out of Lego. Not a Lego ship in a real bottle, but a Lego ship in a Lego bottle, the bottom of the bottle comes off, so not really real but I'm pretty proud of the end results. 

 In fact this third one is why I'm reaching out to this group and others. I'm trying to get it made into an official Lego set, and I'm asking as many as are willing to go too the Lego Ideas website and vote for it, so that Lego will review it.  I need 10,000 votes, I'm over half way there and am hoping some of you will take the time to help me out. Here is a link to my project, thank you in advance. 



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