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Hi All,

The European Association of Ships in Bottles (EASIB) ( http://www.shipinabottle.talktalk.net/) had its convention last weekend at Chatham. I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, mixing with the attendees. We had Sibbers from the UK, Ireland, Holland, Spain and Japan. There were a good number of SIBs on display and entered for the contest. It was great discussing methods and seeing other peoples work close up. Photos just don't do justice to them. I've attached some I took, but will add the official ones later. The miniature work of the Japanese attendees was something to see (magnifying glass required. The 2 SIBs I did for the UK Olympic team ( Bessie Build Log) were handed over for delivery. It was nice to see a Grandchildren's class as well. Saturday afternoon was spent at the Chatham Historic Dockyard. I had noticed a ''behind the scenes tour' of the National Maritime Museum Greenwich ship models held here (most of them) when I was getting the tickets on line and managed to get a couple of places. A superb tour by the model curators. We also had an after dinner talk by the assistant curator of models in the evening. I saw ship models from 1500 BC to the present of all kinds. I believe they are planning to do it again - keep your eyes open. The rest of the dockyard is well worth seeing as well.

Bye for now








UK Penny to show size




How the heck did he do that?

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Thanks for your correction JP.

My mistake, and I do apologise.  I assumed the Dutch speakers were Dutch, as EASIB has some Dutch members, however the other gentleman was introduced to me as from Spain. I am ashamed to admit I speak no other language than English, so I just accepted this and we communicated as best we could with very small words of English. The SIBs were still great though. 


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