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Hello Fellow Shipwrights,

Sometime ago I was contacted by one of our members who informed me that at the young age of ninety, we was no longer able to practice the art of building ships in bottles and that he had books and tools which he hoped could benefit another shipwright preferably a novice just beginning in the art. I was going to place an article in our journal The Bottle Shipwright when we made the sad decision to end The Ships In Bottles Association of America. Unfortunately ongoing issues we were experiencing  prompted us to end our thirty- five year association.

At this point in time, I'd like to mention that Robert Stetson of Marlborough, Massachusetts is the very thoughtful shipwright who graciously thought of helping his colleagues with these gifts. For the time being I have attached here a photograph of all the available books. The tools I will post at a later date. These gifts are free for those in need or who are looking to extend their library. The only requirement is that you pay the mailing costs.

So take your time and choose wisely. You can let me know what book or books you would like and I'll put them in the mail ASAP.  Like I mentioned all you need do is reimburse me the mailing costs.

David Lavoie  Former President / Membership Chairman SIBAA    builderofships@gmail.com


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Those are some nice books to have in any library and a very generous offer by a gracious ship builder.

I have quite a few of these books already so I will pass and hope they go to a builder who can put them to good use.  I am particularly fond of the "Secrets Of Ships In Bottles" by Peter Thorne as that was the first SIB book I purchased long ago and it is what got me started in this fantastic hobby. 

This is a very nice offer from Robert Stetson and should help the seasoned and aspiring builder alike.


Thanks for posting these David.







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18 hours ago, JesseLee said:

Anyone familiar with any of these? Like which ones have a lot of useful info compared to others?


Hi Jesse,  I am seeing 5 books that pertain to ships in bottles.  I have all five and have learned much from each on of them. I would recommend any or all of these.   I also have many of the other books that are geared toward general model building and if you are doing some extremely fine scale modeling these can be handy as well.   I do not have the one to the left of Bill Lucas' Historical Bottled Ships.  This book looks intriguing for more accurate scale models.



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In case you missed the boat :rolleyes: on some of these, they can also be found, used, for little more than the cost of shipping on Amazon in most cases. The general ship modeling books are more useful to the ship bottler than you might, at first, think; just a matter of adapting or slightly modifying for use at a smaller scale.

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