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  1. This is me nearly 30 years ago. I'm still sailing as engineer mostly in offshore or salvage. I built a few models on board but as I have been moving around different vessels lately I haven't been very active. I'm working on my first SIB the schooner "Pickle" now and hoping to put her in a lightbulb. Jantje
  2. I found something that looks like it; unfortunately I can’t find anything on internet of the actual shipping company W. Price & Co from Liverpool. Jantje
  3. Interesting story. Here are 2 links to a lot of house flags, if you can provide a better image I can help you look. http://library.mysticseaport.org/initiative/ImPage.cfm?BibID=11061&ChapterId=1 http://shippingcompanyfunnelsflags.weebly.com/page-1.html Kind regards, Jantje
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