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Long Standing Association Comes to an End


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Most of you who frequent Bottle Ship Builder might have seen the recent post by President David Lavoie regarding the demise of the Ships in Bottles Association of America. The association is no more and the website has been shut down. It was with a sad heart when I personally read the post by David as I have had the privilege and honor to meet a lot of great people on-line through SIBAA and personal correspondence as well.


I thought it only right and prudent to single out the two gentleman who started it all back in the early 80's. I should also mention the tireless work and effort of Terry Butler and David Lavoie. They put a lot of effort into running the show for SIBAA. As a former editor of BattleFleet I fully understand the work that goes into formatting and getting a journal to print not to mention putting them all into the post.


The attached article I personally wrote to honor the Late Jack Hinkley and CDR. Donald Hubbard. Don is the main reason I am building the Nitrate Clipper ship Preussen. As well his book is coming in the post to me as a Father's day gift from my youngest son. I have read Don's book cover to cover twice and soon I will own my own personal copy.


Please take the time to read what I put down and ensure to check out Don's website. Don is one incredible guy! He has had the opportunity to serve his country as an aviator and lived to tell about it.


Respectfully ... Jeff


Long Standing Association Comes to an End.pdf

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Thanks Charlie.

Note to readers; I spelled David Lavoie's last name in the article incorrectly. You just can't proof read enough these days and these silly computers are always trying to spell things and think for you it seems.

Anyway if you get the chance please give David's website a browse as he has some pretty intricate work going on these days!

He is at builderofships.com AKA Bottleneck Treasures

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