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Bottled Ship Builder

Hello from Ireland

Michael Hussey

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I am completely new to this. I have ordered Ship Models in Glass on the advice I have received from poster on this site. Thanks for the pointer. I look forward to the book coming when I can learn how to start building. I will be a frequent visitor to this site in the future I am sure. The work on all the models I have seen here is amazing! You people are so talented and patient! Bye for now.



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Hi Michael and welcome aboard.  


The book you ordered will serve you well.  As you mentioned, there are some very talented builders here and they would love to help you with answers to any of your questions.  Even before your book arrives please feel free to ask questions as they come up.  Keep us posted as to your progress once you start building. 



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Thank you so much for the welcome Gwyl, JesseLee and Arup.

Arup, it is a coincidence when you mention your Irish heritage and the famine immigrants as one ship replica which I intend to build is  the famine ship "Jeanie Johnston" which has a connection to Tralee in Ireland near to where I am living. It is a well known ship in Ireland. Some info can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanie_Johnston. The good news story in relation to the ship is that there were no deaths attributed to the ship in its lifetime of sailing even when it eventually sank. I attended the launch of its replica in 2000 and it sits in Dublin port today as a tourist attraction. 

As a matter of interest to yourself and tracing your relatives have a look here. http://www.thejournal.ie/irish-parish-records-online-2-2636877-Mar2016/. 

Stay safe.

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