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Tea Clipper Norman Court


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Thanks.   The plans are in the updated 1988 version of Fast Sailing Ships, by David R. MacGregor.     The Norman Court was very well-known in her day, and considered to be one of the top tea clippers.    My wife painted the sea!        Other famous tea ships were Ariel, Thermopylae, Titania, Sir Lancelot, Taeping, Kaisow etc.     Plans of which may be found in various David MacGregor books, but hardly ever modelled due to the international fanatical obsession with Cutty Sark :lol: .


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Thank you.   The blocks are just tiny blobs of paint.   Model rigged with fine copper wire just glued on in short lengths - no knots anywhere.   I never build ships in bottles though, so I don't have much to say here.   Not all that difficult with special techniques, but totally unsuitable for ships in bottles.

All my special techniques are contained in these downloads,  Catalogue link below - most of which are available for less than the price of a cup of coffee: 


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