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Taitsing Tea Clipper


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No, it is far easier, no knots or anything like that!    Take a short piece of fine copper wire and pick it up at each end with two small pairs of pliers.    Stretch it slightly, then put it down again on a hard surface such as a piece of scrap acrylic.   It is now perfectly straight, apart from the ends that the pliers gripped.   Measure the length you want with dividers and cut off a straight section with a scalpel.   Pick up in centre with fine tweezers, dip each end in contact adhesive, and place in position on model - easy as that!      It is no good for ships in bottles though, as  if bent, it remains bent, so you can't fold it down and up again.

The rigging is put on in hundreds of short lengths.   Blocks are just blobs of white glue mixed with black water paint.


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