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Yesterday, I re-organized my work desk.     I raised the top by three inches, creating a space under it for trays of wire, tools, etc.     Also added sides to stop small pieces falling off.    The switchboard at the back has four switches on it.  

Left to right, Desk lamp, DVD player, Soldering iron and Desk power sockets.    Each switch has a neon lamp indicating it is on.      In the past, I have often left my soldering iron on by accident.   The lamps prevent this.

I never listen to music whilst working - I prefer talking books.      I have become so "automatic" that I can take in the story, whilst building the model.




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 Very nice Bob. I admire the generous dimensions of your table, and the addition of a shallow shelf below is a good one. I recently added a sort of shallow tray with raised edges below my work top to catch small parts before they can hit the floor. I had grown quite tired of crawling around looking for stray royal yards and carronade barrels among the accumulated debris.



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I promised myself that I will set up a corner for myself, but so far have not succeeded. I made a small portable workstation a few years ago, it can go on the dining room table or my knee when I'm watching telly. I tend to keep things that I want for the current phase in 'Office drawer' trays. I bought a compartmentalized box for travelling  with when I stayed in hotels on business, and have started to use clear plastic boxes with adjustable dividers recently when I found some that were long enough.


My workstation - idea nicked from a commercially available item




One of my trays




The travel box




Latest acquisition




I have plans to build another, slightly larger workstation, and use one of the trays as a sort of drawer under the storage ledge at the back. I need time.


All the best




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