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Greetings from an all over the place modeler


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Hi all, my name is Gregg , I am  a US Navy vet and have been interested in model ships in bottles ever since I got a book at Disney World back in the '70s, as the title says I am all over the place in my hobbies, I fly RC Helicopters, do model trains (N and O scale), build plastic models, but have always wanted to try this aspect of the hobby . I find for me that I need to take a break from one hobby when I hit a brick wall so to speak, so I am reading some books on the subject and will be going through the build logs on here. I just have one question, all of the books I have read in the past showed multi masted ships, I think I would like to start with a sloop or cutter rigged ship, where can I find drawings of models to build from. Thanks

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Hi Gregg and welcome. I think a cutter or single masted ship is a good place to start. Maybe search the internet,there are plans around. 
A good book to have for a beginner is “Sailing in Glass” and it includes a ship in a bottle plan for a cutter with all the measurements. The book also has other plans for several different types of vessels . I think it’s probably available on eBay. 
Anyway,good luck with ‘another hobby’.

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There is a great step by step guide to building a sloop on the build logs pages by Daniel Siemans (one of the administrators) which is worth following and it’s especially for people starting the hobby.

Just look up ‘How to build a Bermuda Sloop (for beginners) under build logs on the forum. It’s a great guide for newbies 👍🏻

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