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  1. Thanks again, headed over to read the build log
  2. Onni, thanks for the reply, I went and found the book on ebay and ordered it along with a it that I was reading about ina build log here, Privateer pirate ship in a bottle by Authentic Models. I will be looking forward to getting these. Gregg
  3. Hi all, my name is Gregg , I am a US Navy vet and have been interested in model ships in bottles ever since I got a book at Disney World back in the '70s, as the title says I am all over the place in my hobbies, I fly RC Helicopters, do model trains (N and O scale), build plastic models, but have always wanted to try this aspect of the hobby . I find for me that I need to take a break from one hobby when I hit a brick wall so to speak, so I am reading some books on the subject and will be going through the build logs on here. I just have one question, all of the books I have read in the past showed multi masted ships, I think I would like to start with a sloop or cutter rigged ship, where can I find drawings of models to build from. Thanks
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