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Hi-- thanks for adding me.

I've been building all kinds of things for over 60 years; model planes, plastic model ships, musical instruments*, etc. I'm currently building a 1/64 Baltimore Clipper from the Pride of Baltimore II kit. I'm building it as a more generic Baltimore Clipper, leaving off all of the modern stuff like propellors,radar etc. The real Pride has a LOT of stuff on deck that would not have been on a real period ship. Much of that is for safety,which is terrific for the real ship but it makes for a much more cluttered deck than a real working Baltimore Clipper would have. I'm not a stickler for total historical accuracy, so I'll add or detract deck furniture as I see fit.

I've been working on the ship's boat and am finding that I like working on a really small boat, which is what lead me to look for small scale ship models for the future. I don't know if I'd try to stuff any in bottles, but a collection of small ships of various ages would be a lot of fun.

Know of any small scale sailing ship models? Thanks! Paul,Frederick MD

*I currently make Irish penny whistles in hardwoods and polymers. If you care to look, check out busmanwhistles.com

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