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  1. Thanks Shipbuilder! These are exactly what I was looking for. I'm browsing all of your plans and may well download something soon, even though it will be a long time before I complete my current Pride of Baltimore II. Hmmm...it might be fun to do a simultaneous miniature version of her. I already have highly detailed plans, and the real ship is a mere hour from where I live. Some years ago I visited Mystic Seaport (HIGHLY recommended for anyone with a love of the sea and ships). In their museum shop they had several astounding small models of sailing ships. The ones I recall were maybe tw
  2. Thanks. I appreciate your efforts. Small models like this all seem to be solid hull, and that eliminates my biggest fear of scratch building. I couldn't imagine going from a plan and doing a bulkhead and strake build of a hull. Carving I can do, especially if I use balsa. There have been some excellent links posted here, so I may give it a shot. It'll be a while anyway since my current "big" ship Pride Of Baltimore II will still be a long time in the shipyard.
  3. Those metal kits are pretty, but not what I was looking for. I'd like to find wood kits to build small tall ship type models.Like a Schooner about 6-8" long. I wouldn't want to bottle it,just have a nice little model to display. As someone posted, scratch might be the only to achieve this, but I don't know anything about scratch building.
  4. Hi-- I'm currently building a 1/64 Pride of Baltimore II from a kit. Working on the ship's boat,I've found that I'm enjoying working on these small boats. Does anyone make kits for small scale wooden sailing ships? Is scratch building pretty much the only way to go? Thanks.
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    Hi-- thanks for adding me. I've been building all kinds of things for over 60 years; model planes, plastic model ships, musical instruments*, etc. I'm currently building a 1/64 Baltimore Clipper from the Pride of Baltimore II kit. I'm building it as a more generic Baltimore Clipper, leaving off all of the modern stuff like propellors,radar etc. The real Pride has a LOT of stuff on deck that would not have been on a real period ship. Much of that is for safety,which is terrific for the real ship but it makes for a much more cluttered deck than a real working Baltimore Clipper would have. I
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