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Polystyrene chanels are available and work well

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Hi guys:

I just wanted to pass along a resource that I haven't yet seen being incorporated in the builds on this forum. Some of you guys are using polystyrene in sheet form but did you know it also is available in a wide range of channel profiles? As soon as I found out about polystyrene as a viable building material, I was all in to try it.

I just started my build of the Baltimore clipper "Harvey", and decided to incorporate some of these channels in it's build. When I get around to writing up my build of this ship when it's finished, you'll see how many applications I'll be using this channel for. Most importantly the making of deck furniture for sure. Anyway here are some pics of how I've used one of the I beam profiles and one of the stripe channels this company makes on my Harvey, build. They make a sheet too, that is a roofing material for model railroad houses that looks like it would make excellent decks. My ship has etched decks so I didn't use it yet on this build. This material glues, forms and sands very well. I love the stuff so far.

Here's the link to the online catalog by Evergreen. On the home page menu if you click on shapes you will find their available profiles.







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