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Bottled Ship Builder

Hannah Amati - DSiemens


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A friend of mine have me this kit and told me make it however I like just bring it back when it's done. So I'm going to kit bash this a bit. At first glance its simple enough. The box is way bigger than the parts inside.  I suspect the bigger box is to protect the bottle. 



So far so good. The laser precuts makes cutting out the pieces super easy.  I sugest using the keel as a guide when gluing the hull together. The instructions don't say that so I had mine mostly glued before I realised it was a tiny bit off. Sanding should fix it but the keel guide would be helpful. I do like how it's coming together in general. I'm curious about the brass fittings. I've heard others had trouble with them but we'll see. 




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Hey Daniel, that's the kit I started with to get into the hobby (I might have a log on here).  It works into a nice kit, but be very careful about the masts and the bowsprit - they are so thin, the bowsprit broke on me a couple of times.  I would consider replacing at least the masts with brass/wood rods - they will be more stable, and be more three dimensional.  Good luck!

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