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Roberts Situation


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Begs the questions.  If you are not interested in SIB, your words not mine, why are you here?

Also why would you spend $$$$ on a site you have no interest in either by starting or being part of it, even when people have offered to help out regarding the cost

I stand by my statement  that people have other lives besides modeling.

I for one dont want you to leave or move this site.   Just explain the situation as it is unfolding if you would please.




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You are correct..  It was not you who started the conversation about closing this site. 

My apologies for missunderstandind the nature of the issue and who was involved. 

Nevertheless, there are people who will aid in defraying the cost, I am one of them, though I dont contribute much to this site..

No more to be said by me.

Other people can chime in..

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I didn't say I was not interested in ships in bottles because I am - I just do not build them myself!      I was very interested in Dave Fellingham's project, but he has disappeared, I am very interested in Chasseur's Preussen as well.     I am here because I was asked to join.     I believe I have contruibuted quite a lot of information that is relevant to building ships in bottles, because in or out of bottles, they are still miniatures.       But if nothing much is going on, it tends to make me lose interest!




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Although Bob is not a ship in bottle builder I think he has a lot to offer as his models are usually on the smaller size scale wise and the building techniques he uses can cross over to the SIB'ers on this site.  I asked Bob to join quite some time ago for the reasons mentioned above.  I'm glad he is here. I have learned a lot from him.  Thanks Bob! :)



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