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Queen Anne's Revenge 1:1200


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Have you had a look at www.rodlangton.com. I've got some of his 1/1200 ships on the slipway, and jumped straight in and put together HMS Victory. The hulls are white metal, so are the masts. Choice of white metal or PE brass for the sail. There are even PE ratlines and shrouds. There are also a couple of books on painting and assembly which are worth thinking about, especially the rigging section. I'm slowly building the 1/300 brig that I was given as a present, based on a cruzier class. I'll stick up some photos in a couple of days. There are buildings and harbour 'stuff' as well, and I believe there is a book of rules for gaming. The use of metal allows a certain robustness for constant handling, and of course, sib skills can be used to improve things.




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Thanks Alan.  I've thought about looking into the metal ones.  My only issue with them is the thickness of the bow and masts.  I built this one to test out my usual sib materials.  The wood hull is fine but I can see where the masts and sails are not nearly robust as the metal ones.  This ship will need to be kept in a case and carefully handled during games.  Finding a balance between usabilty and scale isn't easy.

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