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Thanks for the like and a the link - I hadn't come across that blog before. It was the article on the City of Adelaide  that caught my attention. I had the chance to look over the hull a good number of years a go when it was beached at the Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine, unfortunately it was a 'Oh look at that -  lets stop and  get close' so no camera. Shortly after that politics kicked in over who owned it, who owned the land it was on etc and took years to sort out. I remember it doing a tour of some UK ports, Sunderland among them, and which wanted to restore itself as it was barged to Australia. I sort of stopped looking at updates after that. Their website used  to have a PDF of a paper cut out  City Of Adelade to be put into a bottle - it was for kids as the bottle is a plastic fruit juice bottle and the Sib is put in by taking the bottom of and then covering the cut with tape. Still, it may get some youngsters started in SIBing.


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