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Where to glue the sail

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There's different methods for this.  If you use a cloth sail glue it to both the mast and the boom.  The cloth will fold with everything and come out just fine.

 If your using paper glue it to the mast and not the boom.  Wrap the sail around the ship when inserting and once it's set up you can push the sail into place on top of the boom.  If you need you can go back in and place some glue to hold it down.  It's not always needed though.  

Another method that's good but would require some reworking is to run a line from the boom through the mast and a line from the top of the sail through the top of the mast.  This allows the sail to go in separately ahead of the ship.  Once in pull the sail and boom into place glue down and cut off the lines.  

No method is wrong.  Use what your most comfortable with.  

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Been a while since I've used cloth sails.  When I did use cloth I used what ever I could get my hands on.  Old handkerchiefs work just fine or similar type cloth.  You want something that wont fray to much or else just glue down a what's called a bolt rope on real ships, then cut real close to the bolt rope.  It's a line that runs the edge of the sail to keep the sail from tearing.  So yeah something thin and in the color you want it to be.    

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If you aren't sure, knock up a couple of extra masts and booms and experiment. Nothing lost then but a bit of time, but experience gained. I've got one SIB I've called the 'Hack' that's been constantly experimented on for about 15 yrs. It must be on its 6th or 7th set of masts and yards, plus sails. The deck layout has changed as I change my mind, but its going in soon for good as there is not a lot of hull left to play with.


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