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Bottled Ship Builder

Hello from a very small corner of Snowdonia

Capten Madog

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Just a note to introduce myself. I am new to ship modelling business  & very pleased to have stumbled across this anazing forum. 

I am currently working on the first steam ship built in my hometown of Porthmadog & will bottle her once I am happy with the results. 

Be prepared for a million questions all.


Cptn Madog

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On 15 November 2016 at 1:18 AM, AndrewH said:

Bore da, Capten.

What is the steamship?  I know Porthmadog a little from camping holidays when the children were smaller.

The other sailing ships built at Port look interesting and very bottleable

welcome aboard





Hi there Andrew

Sorry for the late reply, currently moving house ?

The model I'm working on is the Rebecca 2 there's a picture of her in the Ships of Porthmadog book. 

There are some spectacular ships built in and around the Port hoping to work on a more complicated ship once I've got the basics figured 


hwyl ?  

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