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Good morning exwafoo and DSiemens.   Ex, I actually have the airplanes-in-bottles book, and if I could figure out a way to make them fly, I'd probably build a couple (been stashing bottles for years).  D, what part of Colorado?  I'm in Brighton.


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Hi, Wordguy

I, too, am a Peanut and Pistachio flyer - love your Bebe!

Did you make the wheels yourself?  I did a pair of silk ones with balsa tyres (sorry, Brit spelling) for a Bristol Scout.  I still have the wheels but no the plane

Welcome aboard, or possibly: welcome into the bottle



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D, I fly rubber.  During the summer, at a huge site that used to be a Titan missile base; during the winter, at any of several indoor venues.  Locally, we fly at Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum - happy to PM you our proposed schedule if you wish.  Andrew, I haven't the courage for pistachio.  Yes the wheels are home-brew.  Find my stuff (including "wheel loom") at hip pocket aeronautics, builder's plan gallery, wordguy.  The only SIB I have under way at the moment is a diorama-ish sort of thing of the Canadian corvette HMCS Ville de Quebec ramming U-224.  Got discouraged by the water (i have the sense that's a common refrain [sigh])

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