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Gwyl Blaser

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I currently own one of McCaffery's books.  It is "Ships In Miniature - A New Manual For Modelmakers"  Published in 1988




Another version was published in 2003 with the slightly different name.  "Ships In Miniature - The Classic Manual For Modelmakers" 





Does any know what the differences are between editions if any?






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After looking at both books on Amazon I get the impression the second is a reprint of the first but in a slightly larger format. Same number of pages and almost identical descriptions. The only way to know for certain though is to buy both.



After some more searching I found that "Classic Manual . . ." is listed as a reprint of the first "A New Manual . . ." so I think it's safe to say they are the same except for the second is a slightly larger format.

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While talking about these books by Lloyd McCaffery, I saw an ebay listing for the 2003 edition so I bid and won on it.  When it came, it was the same 1988 edition I already had instead of the 2003 edition.  I contacted the seller and we worked out a deal so I kept it.  Interesting thing about the two books are, the one I already had was published in Great Britain for distribution only in the US, territories, and Canada, while the one I won on ebay was also published in Great Britain but only for sale there.  











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I thought I was ordering the second version (2003), at least that is what the used book description showed for the cover, but I got the first version.  Either way, I'm reading the book now and it's a really great book with lots of excellent tips on building things at such small scales that can certainly translate to SIB modeling.  

I also picked up a couple of the Phillip Reed books (Modeling Sailing Men of War and Building a Miniature Navy Board Model).  These books are chock-full of helpful pictures, with the latter all in high-res color.  I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but flipping through them, they look like very worthy additions to one's library.



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