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ship in bottle sewing project

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I make a lot of nautical handicrafts and I sew a lot of canvas in the traditional sailmaking manner with a palm and needle. I often scavenge material from dumpsters at my local marina. At one point I cut out a swatch of some of that very heavy transparent vinyl boaters use on the fabric covers they have over the cockpits of their boats. I had assumed I would make a transparent pocket out of it on some handbag or something but then it occurred to me to make a ship in a bottle. I had the eight hour train ride so I just threw some very small fabric scraps in a bag with a few simple sewing implements. I had pre-cut and drilled the holes in the vinyl. I think hand sewing is the perfect train passtime. I am not sure what I will use this patch for. It could be a pocket or maybe I will make it into a case for reading glasses.

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