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Silicone Sealant as a glue


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Hi Folks, I'm making a S.I.B at the moment, that will hopefully feature a Quayside and buildings. I'm hoping to use Silicone Sealant to hold the Quayside in place on the glass.

     I wondered if there were any problems with this idea? I know it sticks well to glass, but have never tried sticking Wood with it, and never used it in a S.I.B project before.

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Yes, silicone will stick practically anything to anything, certainly wood to glass, no problems.

I recall working on a pleasure cruiser build, fitting out the bathroom - I stuck an inspection cover to the laminate side wall with silicone, thinking it would make a good seal, and be removable. Big mistake - it was  stuck so fast I had to chip it off in small pieces!! Lesson learnt.....

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Thanks, Sojourner! It sounds ideal for the job :-)

     I know how you must've felt, as I once tried to remove a glass shelf that a workmate had Siliconed down to a bit of MDF. I could see the thin bead that he'd run round the edge, but there was no way it would shift without risking breaking the glass. In the end I told the Boss he'd just have to live with it stuck on there :-)

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I colored it with blue acrylic paint while it was still wet and spread it out on a piece of paper that I had drawn a circle the size of the wood platform. The platform was made up of slats that fit the neck and were glued to a piece of cloth and unfolded in the bottle. Once the silicone was dry I painted white caps, cut the circle out, rolled the sea up and put it on top of the wood with elmers white glue. I then painted the bulb below the platform with the same paint that I mixed in the silicone, adding a touch of Elmers at the edge of the platform to keep it from moving.

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