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Bottled Ship Builder

Giant American Schooner Wyoming


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I have no horses in any race, and I just have to tell you-this is ship model making at it's best!  If this praise sounds effusive-let it be.  The fact of the matter-and I mean this in general; People in our tormented society never get compliments on a job well done; rather tearing down is the norm.  Beautiful ship models are find art & this is fine art!


Technical question if I may: What material did you use for the ocean & what color blue did you use?  I have used Cerulian blue; that's what your ocean looks like but I am not sure if your's the same.  Thanks-  Cappy Anderson, York, ME


And while I am at it!  I just noticed the paucity of reactions to your model.  May be because it's not in a bottle?  To me-that's a minor detail.  But it bothers me you have no praise where praise is due.  What I would say to any model maker-ego or nit picking should be the lowest thing on the list.  Honest criticism is always a learning moment for me, and I am also happy to share any ideas or techniques I know.   Fact of the matter-there's hardly anything new under the sun and, in a creative sense, hardly anything is new-more likely it's borrowed at least in part.

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The sea is plasticine (modelling clay).    It is painted with midnight blue Humbrol gloss enamel, and the white is added whilst the blue is still wet so that it runs.    My wife paints the sea!      I seldom get many comments about the models, but the response here is actually better than elsewhere! :)

When I take models to the local model ship society, I can almost see their eyes glaze over when it comes my turn to talk about what I have built!

I think it is because I specialize  in building harmless merchant ships rather than warships bristling with guns.    That comes from having spent many years in the Merchant Navy, so warships just do not interest me!      

Thank you for your appreciation.


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