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Norwegian Barque Build Log U -Tube


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No, the Svaerdstad build is not featured in the book at all.   It is an e-book download devoted to the history of the Svaerdstad, plus comprehensive plans and building details.      In the early 1950s, my grandfather gave me some old books called The Wide World Magazine, and the story of the wreck of the Svaerdstad was in one of them.      I thought it a fine yarn where the writer of the article, an able seaman, saved the life of Miss Christenson, the captain's daughter during the wreck of the Svaerdstad.     Many years later, I chanced upon the plans of the ship, and produced the document.     Initially, it was sold on a CD disk and posted, but later changed into an automatic download, details of which may be found on my website.     It has proved very popular over the years.




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I have no idea what the music is, I just picked it from the list that U Tube offered.     The plan came from an ancient German book over 100 years old.   The plan is reproduced in the download.    There is no possibility of me putting something like that in a bottle.     I only rig in wire, and it can not be made to fold down and up again.   Even if I acidentally bend a piece of rigging, it has to come off and be repaced with a new piece!      I just could not get that sort of detail through a narrow neck anyway.     I doubt if I could even get a respectable looking sea inside a bottle!


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