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Bottled Ship Builder

A Ship Modeler's Rhyme

John Fox III

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Greetings All,

I wrote this a number of years ago, and have shared it in the past, but thought it was appropriate to put it up again for those who had not previously seen it.


A Ship Modeler's Rhyme


'Tis the night before Christmas,

And out in the shop,

Not a creature is stirring

As I sit deep in thought.


I sit with hot cocoa,

Or coffee or rum,

While thinking about

All the work that's been done.


The frames are all glued

To the keel and faired,

While visions of me planking

Hang in mid-air.


I envision planking completed,

The hull looks so fine.

Then I get to check out

That new air brush of mine.


While the hull sits a drying,

I start on the spars.

I love this hand carving!

My hands bear the scars.


Then it's on to the details,

The one's no one sees.

Like framing 'neath decks,

And partners and knees.


Finally on to the rigging,

Those ratlines and shrouds,

Those forestays and backstays

For crying out loud!


There's no end to this rigging!

It just isn't fair!

I could have built modern,

And had time left to spare!


My late night "mind building"

Is at last all complete.

My cocoa is finished,

As I get to my feet.


I go to the door,

And turn out the lights,

I think Merry Modeling To All!

And to All a Good Night!


Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

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