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Bottled Ship Builder

My second bottledship.

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Taking advantage of the fact that I have time these days, I try to catch up, to publish directly the boat I work on.

My second ship is an attempt to present a ship arriving at port, I don't have images or at least I can't find them of the steps I followed in its construction.

I consider that it is a very childish ship and diorama, at first it entered with the sails unfurled, also I tried to add details such as deckhouses, volume to the hull by adding some threads around it, shrouds and of course a "curious"... I will be kind to myself. ..seafaring town.

Then I considered that with the sails unfurled I was going to cover most of the houses... I laugh because now I almost think I would have done myself and everyone a favor by covering them.

In short, the working method was the one I started with, knife, gouges and sandpaper.

It enters folded with hinges and the sheds were added once the boat was unfolded, so I worked from the outside.

It was not easy, I have no tools to use, only skewers with wires and little else, it was exasperating and since the cover was not perfect nor the booths nor their alignment, there is not a single alignment, it was not very good... but At least I've already started adding elements such as life preservers, anchors... a little step later.

Of course I would not use that thread now and less so thick in what pretend to be shrouds.

Here I leave you some images of my second boat, of which nothing is satisfied.





















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Perfection really doesn't matter. You learn as you go. Most people can't do this at all so just doing a SIB at all takes great skill. As long as you enjoy what you are doing and you learn what to do or not do on your next one all is fine. I can't do near as well as most of the "pros" here but I'm happy with what I can do. Keep building. learning and most of all, enjoying this craft which I consider a very special form of art.


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Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement, this was my third boat, but the second bottled I have two in dry dock.

I am not lacking encouragement and I also enjoy and learn with each one, when I manage to catch up it will be my seventh boat and I think that I have progressed since I started...although seeing the boats that you present here I am aware that I have a long, long way to go and I don't know if I will reach your level...but the most important thing is the satisfaction I get each time I finish a job although its level is beginner.

In my disclaimer I say that I started self-taught and only from this ship did I start searching the internet and methodology with its techniques, I did not know if I was capable of finishing and I achieved two... suffering and enjoying in equal parts.

Now that I have time I will try to publish the others and then move on to the boat section step by step.

I admire many of you who make true works of art... I aspire to one day do something like this... at the moment my boats still seem childish to me even when you will see the new techniques that I implement after the fourth boat... I think that in that I already won something more of office.

Greetings and thanks for your intervention.

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