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Carving a "figurehead" for a pocket yacht

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During this past summer, my nephew attended the "Great Lakes Boatbuilding School" in Michigan's upper peninsula with the focus on traditional boatbuilding and repair methods. As one of his projects he built a little pocket yacht sailboat of about 14 feet, so I volunteered to carve a figurehead for it. Of course he chose a mermaid, and although it isn't quite finished, it's well on the way.









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7 hours ago, Onni said:

What can I say;it’s very artistic :lol:

Seriously,a great bit of carving.Congrats to your nephew,the boat is super.


3 hours ago, JesseLee said:

This is so cool! I don't hear much about people carving real figureheads now days.

Thanks guys, just learning the carving but it's fun. I picked up a couple of books off ebay, on figureheads to research a bit. Apparently there are quite a few old figureheads at The Valhalla Museum at Tresco in the Isles of Scilly. Curious if any friends from the U.K. have been there? If I go to a EASIB convention, I would love to check that out.



 An interesting side story... about a week after I got and read the figurehead books, I was out riding on my Harley Davidson motorcycle in the middle of Michigan, when I happened to end up behind a couple other folks riding bikes. To my surprise, when the guy in front of me slowed and I saw his leather jacket, it read "Valhalla" across the top "Norsemen" across the bottom with a picture of wind filling the sails of a square rigger in the middle. Talk about a coincidence...

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