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My latest, and probably last, major build.   25 feet to 1 inch.   Hull length about thirteen inches (330mm) - An enormous scale for me


British four-masted barque Olivebank.


Work commenced 13th July, 2020

Model completed 4th July 2021

During that time, I only worked on it for 61 days.   

The display case took 10.7 hours to make

The hull took 35.9 hours to build

The rigging took 41.8 hours to complete.

Total hours worked: 88.4.    That was an average of 1.45 hours for every working day.

I never had much patience, and I am getting slower and slower as time goes on (now aged 77).


This vessel is modelled "as built" under British ownership (Andrew Weir's Bank Line).     Certainly not a clipper, but more of the "windjammer" class with a large steel hull and great carrying capacity.   She eventually became famous as a prominent member of the Erikson grain fleet of Finland.    Going out to Australia in ballast, and returning to Europe with grain.   She was the first casualty of World War II, striking a mine in late 1939.


Further models will probably be confined to small ships, but in any case, my presence on internet forums has now virtually come to an end, and I am now only active in my Facebook group "Merchant Ships in Miniature."



Life at best is but an enigma, and like children pursuing a "Will O' The Wisp,"so do we all pursue the illusive beacon light of a brighter and happier to-morrow - always hoping, never attaining, though striving ever until, wearied of the vain pursuit, at last we fall by the wayside and are forgotten.

Charles Clark Munn (1847 - 1917)


DSCF7151 (Large).JPG

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Thanks Andrew -

I think this type of model shipbuilding has just about had its day - They are rather too small to be of much interest to the general public -  Very rarely get more than a casual glance if I show them anywhere, but ship model collectors love them.   Ships in bottles far too difficult for me though - insufficient patience!





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