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Good evening all,


I build boats (amongst other things) in bottles, a hobby my father taught me and he was himself taught by an old sailor when he was an undergraduate at university.


I was a member of the shipsinbottles yahoo group but contributed very little, hopefully here I will be more active.


Currently planning on building a train in a bottle.

Currently planning to put a Saro Princess into a bottle


Previously have put a couple of clipper ships, but now thinking of something different (hence the flying-boat and train). I have an idea for a submarine in a bottle, maybe one of the old Daphne class boats on which I served, and another for a galley / galleas.


I shall be posting pictures both of my late fathers models and mine.



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Hi Douglas,


Welcome to BSB.  We look forward to seeing what you bottle.  Trains, flying boats, etc are part of the fun here.  Please jump into conversations, even if just to ask a question.  That is how we all learn.  And please, do post photos of your builds along the way.  We are all excited to see what you create.


Again, welcome to BSB



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A steam locomotive and tender would look wonderful in a bottle. Perhaps something like these?



The replica of Jupiter (Central Pacific Railroad #60) at the Golden Spike National Historic Site.

Jupiter was one of two locomotives at the Golden Spike Ceremony held at the completion

of the Transcontinental Railroad near Promontory Summit, Utah on May 10, 1869.



Mallard holder of the World Speed Record for Steam Locomotives of 125.88 set in 1938.


Just a couple of locomotives that caught my attention in a Google search for steam locomotives. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.



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