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Bottled Ship Builder

MiniSIB - Yacht "Spray" by Captain Joshua Slocum. Scale 1/350


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This model was built during March-May 2015, but until now it is one of my favorites, so I decided to describe here the process of its building, all the more so from this model began my interest for minimalism.

A bit of history:

April 24, 1895 retired Captain Joshua Slocum went to circumnavigate the globe on a yacht "Spray» from Boston. After more than three years on 27 June 1898, he returned to Newport (Rhode Island), going around the globe, having more than 46 thousand miles (74 thousand km) in a single voyage. In 1900, Slocum described this journey in his book "Sailing Alone around the World "



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So, in early spring 2015 in my hands had got bottle from perfume. As at that time I was already pretty tightly stuck in one of my longtime projects, then wanted a little to distracted and quick to do something small and simple enough. My choice of object to modelling fell to the boat "Spray» by Captain Slokam. His book about the world's first solo circumnavigation I repeatedly read.

Materials - the hull from pears, covered with strips of pear, sails - percale, "sea" - colored epoxy, clear acrylic gel, white acrylic paint
Bottle - a bottle of perfume, diameter of throat of 7 mm.

I printed plans of this yacht in the full-size of the model that determined based on the internal volume of the bottle, and the diameter of the throat.




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