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Alas, not in UK.  Maybe after this mayhem election we may be moving.  Just completed a two sib's project for a Canadian  tv production company to be used in their series on 20-somethings in a Hogwarts-type school. ( can't say the program name yet until episode is aired. Will post photos then).



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Hi Naomi,

Sorry for the delay in responding.  I have done film and tv work in the past, supplying bespoke ships in bottles and on-set advice. I am already in the middle of a commission to put two trawlers in a bottle and this is going to be a long job but it's possible that I could put it to one side, but only if your deadline is a sensible one !  I know from previous experience that film and tv companies want things built like tomorrow and any half-decent model does take time to make.

However, please can you say what is the vessel you have in mind and when is you absolute deadline?

If the timing is wrong I may not be able to do it but there are at least two other members of our Association who could possibly help.

Alan Rogers

Editor of Bottleship, the magazine of the European Association of Ships in Bottles

Email me :   artful-uk@talktalk.net

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