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Hello From Kentucky!


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Hello! I'm from Kentucky! Just thought I'd come and have a look around. I've made a few of these and have given most away. I still have my Thomas W. Lawson bottled in 1987 and my Albatros bottled in 1986. I would sure like to know the whereabouts of my Elissa bottled in a 'Pinch Scotch' vessel around 1985. I donated it to the Galveston Elissa Historical Museum to be displayed there but it was evidently taken off the museum barque Elissa by an ex-employee(?) I would sure like for it to be found and returned to the museum since it was the first they received. It had 120 control strings on the board and the figurehead has a teeny-tiny bit of gold foil to represent the Yellow Rose of Texas!

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S! and Thanks for the welcome, Raindog! I was looking at my Roy Underhill book 'Sailing Sip Rigs and Rigging' vs my antique bottle collection wondering what to build next. It's been a long time. I put the four mast barquentine 'Mozart' in a Lea and Perrins small Worcestershire sauce bottle a long time ago when the bottles were clear. I'd like to build another but bigger to get more details. The 'Mozart' fits a cylindrical bottle very well due to its masts being all the same height. My SIBs have been a little 'cartoonish' but it's all fun!

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Hello, ModelsInBottles! I had made stereo photos of the Elissa in a bottle but cannot find them. They were taken with my SLR 35mm Minolta. When you put the two photos side by side and cross your eyes just right it looks like a 3D or real thing before your eyes! I used Bill Lucas' techniques from his great book as mentioned in the beginner's thread on here. It was a split hull design, too! I was almost finished with it when I broke the jib boom/ dolphin striker. It was a major feat repairing that because there were 10 or so control strings to that alone! It has my name in the bottom and all the main sails are unfurled. I think it might be a little cartoonish but it was a pretty thing in the bottle. I built it in a span of about three months while interning at Pine Ridge Indian Hospital, SD. I checked your website and it looks like you have the craft in hand! 

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