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Bottled Ship Builder

Greetings from Alberta Canada


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Hello all,

Thanks for the invite and when I can I'll post up some meaningful information, tips, etc. If you hit Model Ship World I have a scratch build of the clipper ship Preussen in a bottle on the go. Just messing around with the wooden seas at the moment and getting ready to carve the hull from Western Red Cedar. My handle on MSW is Chasseur as well.

I started to write some articles for The Bottle ShipWright so that information can't be posted here until after current editions are in circulation as people pay good money for the journal of The Ships In Bottles Association of America.

Anyway I hope this forum takes off and Blessings to all who visit here. To all you folks in the Eastern U.S.

Stay warm as we heard your still trying to crawl out of winter.


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Hi Jeff,


Glad to have you aboard.  I just spent he last half hour reading your build log on MSW.  Looking real good.  I am thinking of doing a carved wood sea myself in the future.  I also noted that on (I think page 2) of your log you mentioned McCaffery's book.  That is one of my favorite books on miniature ship building.  Keep up the good work!



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