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Gettin' Jiggy! Show me some please!

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Hi all. :)


As a newbie to all this, there is so much information to take in, but one area that I'd like to see more photos of is the kind of jigs/setups you use for actually working on the ships....


I have seen a photo in the past with a jig/holder that resembled a long-handled stick with the ship clamped at one end and all the rigging lines running down the handle of the stick/jig/holder.


So, can people post photos of how you work with the ships?



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This is a rigging jig designed by the late Jack Hinkley, former President of SIBAA, and this example was kindly made for me by Saul Bobroff.  The posts support the model allowing access to the underside of the hull as needed.  A bit of plain brown paper, from a grocery bag, glued with Elmer's to the top of the post and underside of the hull will hold quite well and is a bond that can be easily and safely broken when the time comes.  The rigging lines lead forward to the bar in front where "test clips" keep the tension. In this case it's HMS Guerriere on the stand with USS Constitution below, waiting her turn. 


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Nice!  Thanks for the replies so far. Anyone else want to jump in? :)


@JesseLee:  I have a couple of inexpensive SIB books I bought of Amazon and the author of those books uses a setup very similar to what you are doing.  I think the author's name is Dan Berg.


@Alex:  given that you call that a rigging jig, do you only keep the ship in there for rigging, or do you use it to help build the ship overall?


@LordNelson: That seems like a simple and easy setup! :)

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