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Hi All, 

I'll be needing some pad-eyes for my Endeavour.

Pad-Eyes on a full size boat are small(ish) loop of steel, often mounted on the deck, and strengthened under the deck with a pad of steel or wood. to give it strength. Hence the name.

I made them using a standard mast loop, then twisted the two ends together, taped them separately to the mat with tape, and applied CA glue to the twisted section, and left them to dry.

After it is dry, the twisted tail it cut about 5 or 6mm long.

Photos will explain the system much better!

The first photo is the clamp I use, with the tails of the thread taped down, and the clamp pulled gently to keep tension on the twisted thread. I found the easiest way to twist them together was to hold the threads, and turn the clamp around 8 or 10 times.  

The second and third are the pad-eye, one next to a ruler, and the other glued into a 0.5mm hole drilled into a bit of scrap timber, just if see if it works!

Hope this might be of some use to someone out there.

Cheers, and keep safe.





Eye 2.JPG

Eye 1.JPG

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