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Bottled Ship Builder

Amateur and aged says 'hello


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Joining (probably) only as a spectator. Ships in bottles are for me props in still life paintings, but the more sorry eBay and thrift store examples that I scavenge, the more interesting to me is the process of making a ship in a bottle.

To feed my curiosity a bit, I've bought the English translation of Joop van Schouten's Sailing in Glass; plus, Donald Hubbard's Ships in Bottles: a Step by Step Guide... is on its way to me.

van Schouten's book appears to me to be charming, but more or less along the lines of class notes, where every sentence appears to offer me the high points from of 15 minutes of lecture... and I haven't taken the course. It's clearly full of wisdom, but I don't have the key yet to unlock it.

Dave from near Boston, Mass.

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Thanks, CharlieB and exwafoo. It's tempting. Found myself looking up miniature electric drills on eBay...

Meanwhile, I'm doing a very crude stabilization of a ship(s) in a bottle that must have been offered for sale by Colby College, in Maine USA. I found it on the day I joined here -- it cost me $1.30 at a local thrift shop -- so that's probably a sign that I'm doomed to press on in the ship-in-bottle world...

It contains a sloop(? not a familiar sail plan, anyway), with "Hero" labeled on her bow, and a smaller sailing smack or tender on a Pacific-blue sea. "Hero" brought the first president of Colby College from Boston up the Kennebec river (as far as navigable), along with 6 students, in 1818 or so.

In the Tanduay flask bottle (giving a clue to the country of origin), Hero and her smack are on a sea that has become incredibly unconsolidated. If it began life as a linseed-based putty, it had WAY too little linseed. After I break down the bigger chunks, I'll be re-settling the two craft on a bed of clear epoxy + original sea powder/chunks.

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