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Bottled Ship Builder

Yard-of-ale-glass model of the Lowestoft smack Nelson

allan sib

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1607136159_nelsonmodelsmall2.jpg.b544e5ee352d21a38cdebb8a62c7ec96.jpgRattlesnake.thumb.JPG.8a79673ec26f1925d83ae1a64d7cfcf3.JPGI would like to say thank you to the 2 members who welcomed me,I am no techie but a far better model maker,so I will try to upload my latest model pics. these are the 2 ww2 trawlers that I have just finished the biggest one is the Coldstreamer a military class and the other is the Mersey class HMT Boyne and the third one is a round table class called HMT Sir Lancelot still under construction all 3 will be launched into a gallon Grants whiskey bottle1592907116_P1010003(1).thumb.JPG.419c60f6cf8bc434dc7c028b832b246b.JPGP1010004.thumb.JPG.bb7029ccf23788415cde52df2f55adcb.JPG

nelson model small.jpg

nelson model small crew.jpg

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