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Tracing the sheer plan

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Hi Charlie,  


I went looking for my copy of Guy's book, so I could look at what you are referring to, and it is no where to be found.  I'm thinking I loaned it out and it has not returned.


My understanding of the shear plan is, that it does include the bulwarks. This is my understanding.  I know there are a lot of modelers here, who might have a better understanding of the shear plans, and I hope they chime in to let us know for sure.


There are two ways that I have dealt with this.  Cut my block of wood to include the bulwarks, and the cut and chisel the inside of the deck down to the appropriate level.  This can be fun, but it is hard to be real accurate with the thickness of the bulwark.    The other way is to cut you hull block to the deck level and then add bulwarks etc to it once the hull has been shaped.


Here is an image of one I am adding the bulwarks to. Notice the notch that is cut into the deck to accept the bulwark pieces.





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I found my copy of Guy's book in a different bookcase.  On the Victorine, as well as America, it looks like it does include the height of the bulwark in the shear plans.  But he also states in his book, that he uses "1/16" square stock for the bulwarks. If you have access to small stock, I would use that for the bulwark and cut the hull 1/16" shorter.  This would make a more uniform bulwark, in contrast to trying to carve down to the deck and leaving a very thin portion around the edges for the bulwarks.


You will have a fun time building these ships.



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