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Bottled Ship Builder

Hi All

Gwyl Blaser

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I'm Gwyl Blaser.  I have been building model ships and ships in bottles for almost 30 years.  Although some years I don't build many and other years I build a few more, it is a hobby that has captivated me since my youth.


I was a very young child around 1960.  My father took me to the Idaho state capital in Boise Idaho.  While we were visiting the capital building and it's many rooms, I notice a room that had many many ships in bottles.  I was amazing and wondered how in the world did they get those ships in the bottles.  It fascinated me.  The fascination stayed with me for many years until the 1980's when I found a book by Peter Thorne on how to build ships in bottles.  This is what started my path in this unique hobby.


What about you?

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