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Intro of New Member Jack Baggette

Jack Baggette

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Jack started SIB work in 1970 when stationed in Chile, as a USMC advisor.  His mentor was a veteran of five tall ships and over a dozen steamers.  He sailed on the bark Potosi and emigrated from Hamburg to Chile as a youth.  He had made over two thousand sib's when we met.  He apprenticed me and gifted me a model of Potosi for my help obtaining good bottles for his shipyard.  I joined SIBAA after return to states and have only ten to my credit.  Most were given as gifts to friends and family. My collection included over twenty from mentor, Carlos Hollander, three of which I donated to Ships of Sea Museum in Savannah, Ga.  I also  entered my own "Flying Cloud" model in the Ships in Bottles of the World International Exhibition in 1985. 

I am retired to old folks home in Columbia, SC now and looking to recruit some SIB modelers.  I may do some coaching.  Don Hubbard's classic book will be our text.  Looking forward to hitting the bottle and sharing tips. The model below is Hollander's bark Pampa, in Australian harbor.  

Jack Baggette

Col. USMC, Retired




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