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Mini SIB - Koch – Russian polar ship - Поморский коч 1/1000

Mini SIB - Koch – Russian polar ship - Поморский коч 1/1000

A little history from book "Koch – Russian polar ship: research and reconstruction problems": Koch – unique polar ship of pre Peters time is presented. Created by the Pomors, Koch became the only ship in the world that was adapted to sail in the ice conditions during the Epoch of Great Geographical Discoveries. Due to Koch, Russian manufactures and explorers could begin mastering of the Northern Sea Way, colonise the vast northern area, and found new settlements beyond the polar circle. Nowadays there are only written witnesses about Koch but the exact outlook and ships construction is unknown.
Based on archaeological excavations and scientific research of recent years the reconstruction program of Russian koch and preparation of the historical experiment to sail by the reconstructed ship was proposed. Realisation of this program will let Russian koch to be placed among the unique objects of World heritage such as the balsa raft «Коп-Tiki», reconstructed by Tour Heyerdal, and papyrus boat "Ra".

When building the model I have used the drawings from the magazine "Modelist Constructor" 1973, №10

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