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AM "Privateer" WIP

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I just got back to SIB activity and noticed some interest in on Authentic Models "Privateer" kit. I had started this build last spring and left it on my work table until now. I completed the hull last spring, my favorite part, but got bogged down by the tedious sanding down of masts and spars and just couldn't bring myself back to it. I suppose I suffered a little bit of model ship burn out after my sprint to finish my large scale models and the various SIB's I finished from Needham's book. I find this kit to be pleasant enough but since it lacks a bit of authenticity to it I found I lost interest in it for a while. But it is good practice. I plan to go my own way with it a bit since the model is meant to be a beginner's level but isn't too basic that some skill isn't required. 

I plan to apply some level of staining to the model, which means I need to finish shaping all the masts, spars and gaffs before I stain them. I did assemble the base and I found that it needs to be shaped out a bit so that the bottle fits properly on it. I still at odds about using the included sails since they look a bit hookey and I have plenty of sail material to make my own versions. I'm also not quite in agreement with the rigging plan and plan to include stays for the yard arms which aren't specified.

Here are some pics of my progress.




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