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Bottled Ship Builder

San paolo 1743 xambekk malta.

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Enjoyed doing the la Madonna del Rosario so much I’ve decided to build the ship from one of the other set of four stamps. Just test fitting in the bottle to decide how big to make it, should be a fun build and has a bit more detail. Might not include the oars though, will have to see.8450B872-A71B-4FF7-8A55-23FF1D9B90EE.jpeg.b82be1720e6db9b78e25c1321da54e99.jpeg



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Back to it after a bit of a break. Anyway, hope you're all OK? Given the current situation. 

Finally tackled the job I've been putting for ages as I was hoping to find something for the overhanging grated deck, but alas nothing suitable came about, so I'm having to try and make it from scratch with a very small drill bit in my dremel. Not going to look to scale but hopefully won't stand out to much! 


The Hull, so far, is already cut in half and dowelled and sitting on its locating plug which will be set into the sea. 




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Back on this today, its going to take alot of dedication to not let myself become distracted and put it to oneside again! 

So the first job on the list is to make the cannon ports and holes for the oars, drilled holes first, now the painstaking process of cutting them all square, they are only about 1.5mm so i might be quite a while! 


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1 hour ago, JesseLee said:

Looking so nice, I love this. I collect stamps and this has made me think about along with my 1800s US and Us B.O.B. I would like to have a separate album with boats and ships of sail from all over the world.


Ive got some stamp albums from when i was small and another that my gran and mum filled up, but alas not one single boat or ship in sight! 😔

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