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Da Seamans Sloop


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Well folks, I am going to retire on January 2 so I thought I would get started on a project to help keep me from getting bored, :) I have had a few failures lately so I'm getting back to basics with no fancy hull splits or crazy ideas for this one. I am loosely basing this on a Carolina sloop but have taken quite a bit of artists license already and am naming this, " Da Seamans Sloop " as a thinly veiled nod to D. Siemans inspirational Bermuda Sloop build.                                                                             






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3 hours ago, James w rogers said:

That looks really good, I like it a lot, great details. The launch boat is a really good nice touch, bet those oars where fun to do! 😁 

Thanks James, that doggone steering wheel was worse. It still resembles a huge, steam paddle wheeler type wheel, ...unless they made them big like this for ocean going vessels??

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Stealing a few ideas from you fine folks and playing with them. I put some mast hoops of "heat shrink" on the mast, not sure if I will use them but they are easy to cut off if I don't. I used heat shrink to reinforce around the holes in the bowsprit. I tried numerous methods to make blocks that looked O.K. and failed. I ended up rolling a little balls of glue and sticking them in there. Eventually I would like to buy some tools from Micro-mark to help build "little", with accuracy and tolerances, but for now my eye will have to do.   She at least fits in the bottle with room to spare.





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Working on the "ocean" a bit. This is the first time I have played with this "Plastalina" and I kind of like being able to "sculpt" an ocean. I have to cut it in half then place back together once in the bottle. Still plugging away at the sloop. Sails coming soon.





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