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Cheers from Oregon

Gordon York

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Subject: Chair in a Bottle.


My name is George Hudson and I live in McMinnville, Oregon. I am not a bottled ship builder but I admire the art. When my grandmother died I inherited a bottle which has a chair built inside of it. It has wooden stopper with a wooden locking bar. This chair in the bottle was constructed by one of my relatives, probably in the 1920’s.  I have some pictures but this message system doesn’t seem to allow photo posting.

Over the years of “family examination” the stopper’s locking bar has loosened and fallen inside the bottle.  The chair is still in place but the stopper can now be removed.

I would like to find someone that has the skill and tools to restore the locking bar back into the stopper.  I’m uncomfortable mailing the bottle so I would like to find a bottled ship builder who lives in Oregon so I can bring the bottle in person.

Thank You,

George Hudson

McMinnville, Oregon

Email: gdhudson@aol.com


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