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Greetings All,

Here are a few pics of my work on 1813 US brig Niagara. Scale is 1:200.











She has a solid carved hull, planked with maple veneer. Apple wood stem and stern post, as well as keel. The cap rail is maple veneer, 3 layers. Grating is maple veneer.

Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

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21 hours ago, Andrew Chapman said:

That maple veneer is beautiful wood, and the planking on both deck and hull looks flawless.  I had no idea it was possible to plank a hull at such small scale so perfectly!

Greetings Andrew,

The veneer was obtained because I lived within a few miles of a factory that used a huge lathe type machine to turn whole logs while a sharp blade was placed against the log, removing thin slices. They made the facing for hollow core doors this way. I managed to get a foot high pile of pieces cut out due to knots, about 12" x 18". That being said, that method of making veneer has it's drawbacks, i.e. the wood is very rough, and often cracks easily.

As to the planking, the deck planking is pretty well correct. However, the outside hull planking is definitely not the proper methodology. There would never have been planks that end in a point, proper planking never has planks that taper to less than half the width of the planks. It's been so long since I actually planked a hull properly, that I forgot that until I had planked too much to correct it. If one were going to paint the hull, then it would not matter, but I do not plan to paint my hull.

Anchor's A Weigh!

John Fox III

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