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I wouldn't even bother with trying to glaze portholes at that scale, no-one would notice anyway!      Extreme detailing simply extends the build into decades rather than years or months, and during that time, the skills of the builder will either get better, or begin to decline, so the end result may not have consistent quality!      My own preference is to build lots of models in much shorter time (weeks rather than years), but make each one better than the last.    But  I have yet to find anyone who agrees with me on this!    


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I'll try and get a better close up in daylight, the brigantine is undergoing a refit at present after a shipwreck on launch. Its not to any set scale, but the hull is about 3 inches long.    

Some more progress!

So the stand is complete and the seas installed inside the bottle.

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There is truth in that and its interesting to see each builders approach.  I think it falls to the builders preference.  We all get out of the hobby what we want and if slower and methodical is ones prefference then that's what they should do. 

My method is more along your lines Bob.  I like a faster build.  Gotta see it in that bottle.  

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So would I, but it is unlikely that I will live that long:o    I am not ill, or anything like that, but now almost 74, and at the present rate of build, I would say at least another 25 years.  Not trying to be funny, but that is my genuine estimate of how long the Preussen will take to complete, unless things speed up.     But, of course, it is up to Jeff to proceed at whatever speed he feels comfortable with - but a lengthy project like that was always beyond my capabilities.



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Hey guys,

I thought it prudent you both should know the following:

Last year I lost my father in law about the same time my mother in law was committed to a lock down Alzheimer’s wing. My own mother’s  health is starting to fail and we’re in the process of getting her into a home. I work full time, volunteer at church, and teach Chess to some seniors at a lodge twice a month. As well, I help both of my son’s with their car hobbies.

I ask only but one thing.... please cut me some slack and Robert I don’t appreciate your derogatory remark about me taking 25 years to complete my project. For me and my house we serve the Lord. Ships in bottles is but a pastime and stress reliever for me.

I forgive you Robert and ask you to please stay off of this post unless you would like to pass me a word of encouragement!


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I'm very sorry if I have offended you in any way Chasseur.  Every builder builds in their own way, at their own time and, for their own reasons and we all need to respect that.    

I admire the amount of service you give to your family and community.  There is far more value in giving service to others than in building a craft.  Thank you for the humbling reminder.  I will work on my patience.              

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Working on the base. I have one base coat of paint completed.

IMG_1400.JPG.72793001972d770e50693ee12916093b.JPG  I used the pedestal from a piece of furniture I discarded. It's one of the bases off of a couch.


IMG_1401.JPG.3c3f78017b49415c6409c1fbe5ed8a83.JPG Here is the roughed out part with my patented checkboard finish.

IMG_1402.JPG.7c550830910117b9eb8f377ef5d5a065.JPG  Here is the area for the name plate. It will be just like the one I built for the Wivern.


IMG_1404.JPG.f6701e96f943ed58eb97be348f1ab095.JPG  Here I am testing the fit in the saddle.


IMG_1441.JPG.323cb8157012ad1c65c039da633af29e.JPG  Here is the first coat of flat black. I will use my signature gold drybrush technique on the checkers than varnish once completed.

Stay tuned!


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Working on the deck and fitting her out. If you look closely at the shack at the stern you can see I just glued it.


I have some more handrailing and another ladder to install on the aft, another funnel as well. Then I'll move to mid-ship to install some handrailing and two funnels on to and 2 below.

Then I'll move forward to install the walkway from mid-ship to the bow area.

Slow but sure, the CV variants have kept me extremely busy at work trying to navigate work flow and staff issues.

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